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Seasonings & Soups

Developed by our chefs to deliver authentic made-from-scratch taste, texture and appearance, Custom Culinary® Chef’s Own™ Seasonings take your signature dishes to exotic new heights. 

From Peking seasoning to Sweet and Spicy Glaze, our bold range of seasonings will provide your customers with an explosion of flavor and color whether used as a rub, glaze or topical seasoning.


Provide your patrons with a true taste experience by embellishing your menu offerings with the bold exotic flavor and texture intensifying appeal of our Chef’s Own™ Seasonings. 


Whether used for texture intensity, flavor excitement, or tantalizing appearance, Chef’s Own™ Seasonings provide the platform for countless indulgent culinary applications.


From our culinary team to yours, Chef’s Own™ Seasonings capture the essence of authentic cuisine by delivering the bold flavor and texture today’s restaurant patrons expect in a variety of traditional and emerging flavors.


A culinarian’s dream, simplicity of preparation and consistency of quality results. Trust the heritage and expertise of Custom Culinary® to deliver your customers deliciously consistent menu items 24 hours a day.